Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa Fe, day 8 -- Friday, Nov 29 (desultory shopping)

Santa Fe, day 8 -- Friday, Nov 29

Woke up with such a huge knot in my right shoulder blade I knew I needed a massage;made a10:30 appointment at Massage Envy where Erika worked it out.  Left feeling like my right arm could fly.

Since I was on Cerillios, I went on down to Artisan Art supply to buy paper and some other supplies (including a local apron) for to tomorrow's monotype workshop.  As a grown up I am alway delighted by how comparatively inexpensive art supplies are -- shades of being ten and wanting the giant box of crayons.

Went back to downtown Santa Fe for my ritual shop at Origins.  Got a couple of thing, but not so wowed.  Wandered around some more; went into Earth Spirits which has beautiful painted jersey tunics and tops.  Was grazing their racks when the other sales clerk arrived, a striking dark-haired woman who looked rather familiar.  It was the purple and green velvet girl from the Cowgirl last week.  We had a long happy chat about shopping and clothes.  Her two best friends are from South Carolina... Small world.

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