Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last day in Santa Fe: Monday, Dec 2, 2013

Last day in Santa Fe: Monday, Dec 2, 2013

What a lovely last day!  Puttered around this morning, cleaning the casita, packing my bag, and gathering up stuff to be shipped by FedEx.  After I dropped my stash off, I went downtown, headed for Lucille's -- one of my favorite clothing stores.  You may remember a teal and magenta tie-dye skirt I am fond of wearing; that came from Lucille's.

On the way there I passed Margarete Bagshaw's gallery and decide to poke my head in.  I had fallen in love with her work last year and had visited the gallery in search of some kind of catalogue/ write up of her show on Museum Hill.  Met her husband Dan and bought a set of books on her and her famous mother, Helen Hardin, and her grandmother, Pablita Velarde -- both legendary Native American women painters

Pablita Verlarde, The Rainbow God

helen Hardin The Woman Series
  This time, however, the artist herself was there and we fell into quite a long and enthusiastic conversation.Another kindred spirit in the Santa Fe psychic convergence.  

As I thought, she loves Kandinsky. A mention of Woolf got her off talking about her mother-line series of female archetypes, 

and when I mentioned Clarissa Pinko Estes, she lit up like a Christmas tree and told me a long hilarious karmic story abt the Virgin of Guadalupe.  I got the catalogue of her latest show and a DVD of her discussing her feelings abt color.  They put me on their email list and gave me a free bookbag.  After I left, I realized that for the first time all day my shoulder and back weren't hurting ; it was like the positive energy just took out the knots.  Floating.

Walked down to Lucille's and met another formidable woman to stir my imagination, as Woolf says.  

Lucille herself was running the shop.

She's 72 and just entranced by color -- we connected immediately.  I just love what she buys.. Amazing stuff.  I spent an hour, not just trying on clothes but talking color theory.  This trip has been very different for me because of these connections with people.  Ive always loved this place/country, but for the first time I feel an actual network forming -- like these people would be my friends if I lived here.  Not that I want to leave my Pendleton peeps or my gorgeous studio.

I came back to the casita before I totally wore myself out with euphoria.  Ordered plates and plate oil for making monotypes and started writing out a series of notes on what I'd learned abt the process.  Looking through Margarete's show catalogue, I started having a brainstorm about how the layers in her painting remind me of monotypes and began planning a new series, my own "mother lines".  You'll see how it turns out. I have also been brooding for a month over the overwhelming experience of spending two evenings with my friend Pam looking through all of Dorothy Brett's paintings.  There is a kind of rhythm of repetition in her work that I know will be in the back of my head.

Now trying to chill out a bit so I can get a good nights sleep before traveling tomorrow.
Ready to settle in for a long spate of productivity.


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