Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa Fe day 5 -- nov. 26, 2013

Woke up at 6:30, still feeling somewhat sick with scratchy sore throat, so rolled over and slept in until 9:30.   Started taking Airboune, morning and evening.  About noon, drove up to Museum Hill where I spent some time at the Japanese Kite exhibit.

 Intrigued by connections between kites and woodblock, the number of prints with kite flying as subject matter and the connection between woodcut images and images on kites. 

Had Lunch at museum cafe but feeling sick enough that I didn't eat most of it.   Went down to La Fonda for some serious shopping at Passementrie http://thecatalogues.com/go/santa-fe/fashion/passementrie

Stopped into a store on the plaza, idly looking for a red and silver bracelet.  Started talking to sales clerk about beautiful turquoise and magenta Christmas tree in the window. Found gorgeous bracelet, but $350 just too much. She must have seen that on my face, for the more I kept silent the more she lowered the price.  Is this why prices are so high? Is one supposed to bargain?  Finally stopped her when she'd gotten well below half of the original price --didn't want her not to make anything off the transaction.  Turns out her uncle was parish priest at Taos Pueblo; she used to go with him to services, chiefly because of the baskets of food and special treats they would give him. We exchanged electronic info ; she wants to read my articles about Georgia and Virginia.

Got home abt 4:30. Spent an hour or more wii Germaine, helping her figure out to configure new modem, but needed too plug into Ethernet and she hadn't brought a computer.  Spent rest of evening watching TV ( kind of glad I don't have MSNBC at home; I get so annoyed at political idiocies)

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