Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa Fe -- Day 3: Nov. 24, 2013

Be careful what you wish for ...   Woke up to 8-10 inches of more snow, lite, crunchy powder.  

Went to flying Star again, establishing ourselves as regulars.  Once Josh is gone I'll stop having pancakes for breakfast every morning, but his resting exercise rate causes me to move a bit more than normal.  

Having slid and crunched our way out of our tiny unplowed street to the railroad, we ventured up to the parking garage on San Francisco and commenced to explore Santa Fe. At first quite magical, with unturned snow everywhere and few people. 

 I have to say there's a good deal to be said for getting up early. Gradually got more crowded and snow began to br broken up into dirty chunks.  Disappointment as it became apparent all the local museums were going to be closed for the day.  Stopped into LA Fonda to get warm and buy some water and postcards.  Discussed museum situation with helpful concierge.

Went back to the casita and hung out. Josh caught up on sleep lost at karaoke the night before and Wendy, the rental agent, and I fussed over the WiFi, which was refusing to work. Decided to go out for dinner and ended up, after a walk through the art collection at El Dorado, back at LaFonda 
where we had a quiet,. elegant meal in the now-covered central patio, surrounded by fairy lites and tall doors of painted glass.

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