Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa Fe, Day 7 -- Thursday, Nov 28 (Thanksgiving)

Santa Fe, Day 7 -- Thursday, Nov 28

Spent much of the day in PJ's, lounging about, starting to read Death Comes for the Archbishop, watching Harry Potter marathon.  Not sure if I've read anything by Willa Cather before.  Really enjoying a certain lyrical sparseness in her prose which seems to echo the simplicity, clarity, and open horizon of this landscape.  Also fun to read history of places we've been visiting, and places like Acoma that I want to visit.

Finally got dressed around 5:00 and drove up to DeVargas mall to meet my cousin Marie and a couple of her friends to see Philomela wi Judy Dench, a quiet little movie which she endows with a good deal of grace and dignity.

When the movie was over, Marie and I went over to the bar at La Posada, a huge hotel/ spa in an old Victorian compound.  The bar was a series of inerconnected rooms with at least 12-foot ceilings.  Marie's favorite table looking out onto the patio was free.  

Santa Fe never seems to take down its white fairy lights and of course all the big hotels line their roof lines with luminaires, so it's always kind of magical.  We sat down to a  long talk abt family idiosyncrasies and our own personal histories, punctuated by sets from a local jazz trio, whose guitarist was an old friend of Marie's.  Remembering both Alma and my mother, who shared this date as their birthdays.

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